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Vector® Ball
A Vision Training Ball

One of the more difficult things about coaching is watching a player get frustrated after multiple swings and misses and simply telling them to keep their eye on the ball does not work. Coaches have tried using colored balls, numbered balls, taped balls, etc..but none of those techniques really help young players to stay focused on the ball.

Several years ago, I began looking for a better way to train kids to keep their eye on the ball. I thought that the optimal solution would not require talking, be simple to implement, and fun for young players to repeat without getting bored.

I came up with an idea for a ball that changes color instantly upon impact. The idea was a vision training ball that draws the eyes to the ball-bat collision. The color change creates an impact the player can look for and actually see.

The Vector® training ball is the result. Over 5 years of design and development have produced the first patented vision training ball that can be used interchangeably with regular practice balls. The Vector® ball can be implemented into just about any practice drill. No need to keep repeating “keep your eye on the ball”. Just toss a Vector® ball and experience the Vector Effect. The Vector Effect is when a young player naturally learns to track a ball all the way to impact and the eyes, brain, and body work together smoothly.

The Vector® ball is the best way to teach young players to keep their Eye On the Ball, experience success, and have fun doing it.

See the Impact® on your game today.

John Lindsey
President and Founder
Eye On Ball Inc.

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