The ability to see the ball can be directly related to a player’s ability to achieve consistent success. The Vector® vision training ball provides coaches and players with technology that trains the eyes to track a ball all the way to impact. A batter has less than half a second to process visual information and react. If you want to do this consistently, you better have good vision.

See the Impact on Contact

The Vector® ball is like a regular baseball with one key difference. On contact, the Vector® ball emits a short burst of light, randomly changing the color of the ball (red, green, blue), to create a distinctly visible impact. The visible impact gives ballplayers a tangible focal point that trains the eyes to follow the ball and See the impact®.

Visual Training for Visual Learners

Ballplayers are visual learners, so it makes sense to use a visual training tool to teach them to keep their eye on the ball. Instead of repeating, "Keep your eye on the ball," let the Vector® training ball visually show them the impact. This training ball allows ballplayers to naturally develop their athletic vision. The ballplayer learns to follow the ball as he or she calls out the color of the ball with each impact.

The Vector Ball

Eye On Ball® invested over five years developing the Vector® technology to create the first vision training ball. The patented Vector® ball can be used interchangeably with other practice balls and can be incorporated into batting practice, pitching/throwing drills, blocking drills for catchers, etc. The Vector® ball is designed to provide a simple and fun way to train ballplayers to keep their eye on the ball.

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