A simple way to coach athletic vision.
Vision is critical to success. It can also be one of the more difficult things to coach.

Instead of trying to tell a ballplayer to keep their eye on the ball…just pitch or toss a Vector® baseball and ask the batter to tell you what color the ball is as they hit it. The short burst of light generated by the Vector® ball attracts the eyes and creates a visible impact the batter can look for and identify. Or, use the Vector® ball during throwing drills to teach players to follow the ball all the way to the target (glove). For batting practice, throwing drills, or any coordination drill the Vector® ball is the vision training ball.

The Vector® ball teaches players as young as t-ball to watch the ball hit the bat.

You cannot teach hitting with "words", young ball players learn by seeing and doing. The Vector® ball is vision training without words.

The Vector® ball trains ballplayers' eyes to hit the ball square, with the sweet-spot of bat, at the apex of swing.

The most effective way to hit a baseball as hard as you can is to focus your eyes as hard as you can.

If you are seeing the ball you are focused and ready for success.

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