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Vector® Ball

Sports Vision Training.

The Vector® Ball emits a short burst of light, randomly changing the color of the ball (red, green, or blue) each time it is struck, bounced, caught, etc.  This provides athletes with unpredictable visual information that enables, live action, Cognitive Vision Training drills.

Vision training exercises the brain using visual information.  The result is an improved ability to rapidly transfer visual information into deliberate athletic action (Speed of Reaction).


What is Cognitive Vision Training (CVT)?

Cognitive Vision Training (CVT), sometimes referred to as Neuro-Visual Training, are exercises that improve information processing and Speed of Reaction (the time it takes an athlete to respond correctly to a specific situation).  Athletic performance works something like this; the brain receives information, processes that information and determines what to do, then identifies muscles and fires them as a reaction to the information received.  This is why the brain is the most important part of athletic performance; in the end, muscles simply do what they are told.  CVT are drills that exercise the brains ability to process information, and like muscles the brain improves with exercise.

Regular athletic training consists of predetermined actions and movements i.e. the athlete knows exactly what is required before the drill begins.  Cognitive Vision Training (CVT) is when the athlete does not know exactly what is required when the drill begins, and must accurately process information during the drill to be successful.  This is done by introducing unpredictable visual information during the drill that provides instruction on what is required to complete the drill.  For example, if the athlete sees the Vector® Ball turn red, then they must catch it with their right hand (execute a specific action associated with that color).  CVT exercises the brain’s ability to process information and respond correctly.

Your path to better performance is through Cognitive Vision Training / Neuro-Visual Training.

Improve Your Ability to Process Visual Information.

Improve Your Speed of Reaction.

Improve Your Game.

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