The Better You See, Recognize, and Exploit Information, The More Successful You Are. True Sports Vision Training.

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Vector® Ball: Engineered for Athletic Excellence

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Cognitive Vision Training

Vector® Ball improves your speed of reaction at the most critical time, when the Ball (action) is coming at you.


Withstands Intense Use

Vector® Ball is designed to endure the toughest training sessions and provide consistent and enduring performance.

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Universal Utility

Vector® Ball improves athletic performance for all sports and is an essential part of any training program (youth to professional).


The Vector® Ball emits a short burst of light, randomly changing the color of the ball (red, green, or blue) each time it is struck, bounced, caught, etc.

Advanced Training - Proven Results

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Customized Drills for Skill Enhancement

Elevate your training with a host of specialized drills designed to amplify your athletic skills. Vector® Ball comes with access to a library of training videos tailored to improve your reaction time, hand-eye coordination, and cognitive decision-making.

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Real-Time Performance Feedback

Receive instant feedback with every interaction. Vector® Ball's color-changing impact technology allows athletes to track their performance in real time, enabling immediate adjustments and fostering faster improvement.

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Strategic Skill Progression

Advance through progressively challenging levels with Vector® Ball's structured skill development program. Each level is designed to build on the previous, enhancing your athletic prowess systematically.

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Cognitive Vision Training

Speed of Reaction


Cognitive Vision Training with Vector® Ball improves athletic performance for practically every sport (Baseball, Softball, Lacrosse, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Hockey, Tennis, Pickleball, Cricket, Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Motor Sports, and more).

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Cognitive Vision Training (CVT)

Real Success Stories: Athletes Transformed
with Vector® Ball


Game-Changer for My Training Routine

"Since incorporating the Vector® Ball into my daily workouts, I've noticed a significant improvement in my reaction time and overall agility. It's not just a training tool; it's a revolution in how I prepare for games."


Emily Jackson

Professional Basketball Player, WNBA

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Vector® Ball: A Vital Part of Our Team's Success

"We've introduced Vector® Ball into our training sessions, and the results are undeniable. Our players are more focused, react faster, and are outperforming their previous benchmarks. It's a must-have for any serious sports program."


Carlos Mendez

Head Coach, Elite Soccer Academy

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Enhanced Cognitive Training with Immediate Results

"The Vector® Ball is unlike any other training equipment we've used. Its unique color change on impact provides immediate feedback, which is essential for our cognitive training drills. It’s a critical component in our athletes' development."


Sarah Kim

Performance Coach, NextGen Athletics Inc.

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Cognitive Vision Training – with Vector® Ball

Trains Executive Functions Of The Brain To Coordinate With The Body.