The Vector® Ball is Cognitive Vision Training (CVT). It is the most versatile vision training device available. The Vector® Ball facilitates a full spectrum of dynamic vision training drills, and it’s easy to take the 3-inch ball with you when you travel. Vision training exercises the brain using visual information. This improves the athletes ability to process information. The result is an improved ability to rapidly transfer visual information into deliberate athletic action. The game is mental – train your brain. One of the universal pursuits, of every athlete from every sport, is to be better today then they were yesterday. The Vector® Ball provides athletes a tool for an almost unlimited list of CVT drills. If The sport requires concentration and decision making, then the Vector® Ball can help improve the athlete’s game. The Vector® Ball is used by athletes from practically every sport including baseball, softball, lacrosse, soccer, basketball, volleyball, football, hockey, tennis, cricket, boxing, mixed martial arts, motor sports, and more.
See – Photons Hit Your Eyes and an Image Is Relayed to Your Brain. Recognize – Brain Associates an Image with Something It Has Seen Before. Exploit – Brain Directs Movements That Take Advantage of the Visual Information. The Better an Athlete Can See, Recognize, and Exploit Information the Better Their Game.

Vector® Ball – See The Impact® On Your Game Today.